October 17, 2017 – Delivering of Plastic Mats for Homeless Veterans

Join the Daisy Mountain Veterans when they deliver their third batch of 50 plastic mats for homeless veterans on October 17, 2017 to Veterans First Ltd. This is a collaborative effort by community volunteers, Daisy Mountain Veterans, Youth for Troops, and the Women’s Federal Correctional Institution, Phoenix (FCI Phoenix).

Volunteers from DMV have shared this project and supplies with the women of FCI Phoenix. They have worked many weeks weaving ordinary plastic bags into usable plastic mats. They are giving back to the community through this service project.

Many hands have worked together to produce 150+ plastic mats that have been distributed to homeless veterans throughout the state. Community volunteers come together at the Anthem Civic Building on the third Tuesday of every month to sort bags, cut bags into strips, and tie the strips into plarn (plastic yarn) balls.

Some of the sorted bags are delivered to the FCI Phoenix facility while others are taken home for processing by community volunteers. Other volunteers take the plarn balls home to create plastic mats to return to the next event. These mats roll up and have a carrying strap to allow for mobility. The mats protect from the extreme heat or cold while sleeping or can be used as shade from the hot, desert sun. This is a fun community service project that brings together volunteers of all ages to help homeless veterans.

A special thanks goes out to the women of FCI Phoenix and to Veterans First Ltd for their help in making this project a success. This monthly event is open to the public and all ages are welcome. For more information contact the Daisy Mountain Veterans or Youth for Troops.